Don’t Ignore Your Child’s Tummy Ache

“Mom, my tummy hurts.” This is a classic excuse children use to get out of going to school. But…is it an excuse? Or is it a sign of something more serious?

Tummy Aches and Child Anxiety

Anxiety often manifests as physical symptoms. This can happen long before a person realizes he or she is anxious. For instance, you may have a hard time sleeping before the start of the work week. The struggle could be from subconscious stress you feel about work.

Most children do not understand their emotions enough to understand when they’re feeling anxious. Instead, they may get upset, emotional, or defiant. They may also experience physical effects, such as a tummy ache or headache. If your child is complaining about an upset stomach, he or she may be dealing with anxiety.

Does This Mean My Child Should Skip School?

Anxiety isn’t necessarily a reason to skip school. Rather, it is an issue that requires a solution. Try to figure out why your child is anxious about school. Is there a test coming up? Is there a child at school that is being mean? Is your child struggling in a certain subject?

Once you know why your child is anxious, you can find a solution for that issue. For instance, if your child is struggling with a certain subject, you might as the teacher for extra study work you can do at home. When your child feels comfortable in school, those stomach aches are liable to go away.

How to Treat Child Anxiety

If you believe your child has anxiety, a child therapist can help. These professionals have unique training in how to communicate with children. The therapist can get to the root of your child’s anxiety and determine which solutions will work best for him or her. You can also work with the therapist to learn how to improve matters at home.

What If Child Anxiety Isn’t the Issue?

Anxiety is not always the reason for tummy aches in children. If you think this is an issue with your child’s physical health, talk to your primary care provider about treatment options.

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