Grief and Loss Support Group

This is a 12 week group for adults! The grief support group allows those who have had any major loss, which is not limited to, lost a loved one, to share their struggles with others who have experienced a similar loss. This group will include psychoeducation on grief, loss, and bereavement. It will also help clients to understand the grief cycle, range of emotions, and understanding of how their grief is individual to them. Alongside psychoeducation, there will be time in every group for members to share openly with one another about their own losses and receive support and be given an opportunity to develop coping skills and strategies by the group leader.

**All clients will need to go through a screening process with Kendall to determine appropriateness for the group.**

Course Curriculum

1. Intro and Psychoeducation
2. Verbalizing of Grief Emotions
3. Grief Cycle- Identifying your loss and where you are right now
4. Grief Communication
5. Sharing our losses and preparation to understand the concept of creating meaning
6. Identity-How the loss has affected us individually , our identity and where we go on
7. Coping and self-care
8. Coping Skills and Support
9. Johari’s Window
10. Self-care plan
11. Meaning/Reconciliation 12. As we close


Wednesdays from 6:00pm-7:00pm starting October 5th


FCA of Bedford
25 South River Road, Unit 307, Bedford, NH

Contact Information:

Kendall Schieding, LMHC, LCMHC
603-242-2296 ext. 137

On January 23rd, our current electronic health system will transition to a new and advanced system to better serve you: Athena. Prior to the transition date, you will be sent a registration link to create a new patient account in Athena. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your therapist, or call our office to speak to a staff member.