Bracing for Re-Entry

By Kristen Kenney, MSW, LICSW In early 2020, we began seeing otherworldly news reports showing emergency workers dressed in white inflated suits, expandable tubes trailing down their backs, furrowed brows visible through clear face masks. We soon l earned the name of the threat, COVID-19, and...

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What Has the Pandemic Done to Our Boundaries?

Written by: Katie Heaney Read the original article here. The other day, a friend called me on the phone to complain about another friend — a cherished hobby for us both. In 2019, or any year before it, the inciting event would have been an inoffensive request: My friend’s friend invited my friend...

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I’m A Psychiatrist Who Treats Health Workers

Written by: Jessi Gold Read the original article here.  A couple of Saturdays ago, I slept in until 11 a.m. I haven’t done that since college. As I peeled myself out of bed, I convinced myself it was just one of those days. I must’ve needed the sleep, and a lot of it. When my phone rang, I felt...

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Here’s to 2020!

By Kristen Kenney, MSW, LICSW “Worst year ever” and “Year from hell” are some of the nicer descriptions I’ve heard of 2020. Australian bushfires. Presidential impeachment. Global pandemic. Political unrest. Social and racial injustice. California wildfires. Economic devastation. By the time the...

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