Psychiatrist in Methuen MA

Psychiatrist in Methuen MA
Offering a Combination of Medication Management and Therapy

For access to the best psychiatrists around, rely on Family Counseling Associates. Our office is based in nearby Andover MA. We serve all of Methuen, Andover, Methuen, Boxford and Lawrence, backed by prescribers and clinicians working alongside one another to provide coordinated and comprehensive mental health services. Family Counseling Associates is known for delivering comprehensive, compassionate, and coordinated medication management services. Our team of psychiatrists can address anything from anxiety to depression with expert psychiatric medicine services.

Here at Family Counseling Associates, it’s our sincere hope that:

  • Prescribers and mental health counselors coordinate seamless client care.
  • Clients can schedule an appointment in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Clients have the opportunity to express their thoughts and concerns freely.

We are dedicated to providing proven professional care that integrates counseling and medication management. Mental health issues, especially chronic ones, can be paralyzing and debilitating. Don’t go it alone. Partner with a licensed psychiatrist near Methuen MA you can trust.

Call us today at 978-222-3121 for your appointment. Our hours are Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Services Near Methuen MA

If you live in Methuen, you are located very close to our office based in Andover. We welcome you to our office if you need help in any of these areas:

  • Trauma, Grief and Life Transitions Counseling
  • Anxiety Counseling
  • Child, Teen, Adult and Senior Counseling
  • Mood Disorder Treatment
  • Family, Couples, Relationship Therapy
  • Eating Disorder Treatment (Anorexia, Binge-Eating and Bulimia)
  • Psychological Testing
  • Medication Management
  • Attention Issues, i.e., ADHD and Stress Management
  • Anger Management Therapy

If you have questions about our services or wish to set up an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us for a compassionate psychiatrist near Methuen MA.

It’s easy for mental health issues to spin out of control if not caught early and treated properly. Don’t wait. Call us. Maybe you are suffering from hallucinations, sudden panic attacks or thoughts of suicide. Or maybe you are going through prolonged stages of sadness, hopelessness or anxiety.

In any case, you should be seen right away by a qualified psychiatrist near Methuen MA who can offer a proven combination of medication management and therapy.

Mental health issues often manifest themselves in physical ways. Thus, your body can respond physically to conditions like depression and anxiety, just as it would to a physical illness. Those issues may even be brought on by a physical condition.

Take the time to seek out a psychiatrist near Methuen MA for counseling and/or medication to effectively resolve or manage the issue. We will help you.

Call Family Counseling Associates now at 978-222-3121 for a psychiatrist near Methuen MA.

Family Counseling Associates

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Welcome Medical Psychology Center Patients!
We are excited to announce that Medical Psychology Center of Beverly, MA has officially merged with Family Counseling Associates effective 4/19/2024. We look forward to continuing to provide mental health care to Medical Psychology Center's existing patients and the Beverly community!