Clinical Services

Individual Therapy for Children and Teens

Your child may be a good candidate for individual therapy. Evidence-based psychotherapy has been shown to improve children’s self-efficacy, strengthen social relationships and help children function more effectively in their environments.

Individual Therapy for Adults

We provide therapy and counseling services for adults with depressive symptoms, anxiety, relational issues, and adjustment problems. A strong, respectful and supportive relationship is an essential component of effective therapy.

Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups are specially designed to help children develop social awareness, emotional intelligence, and friendship skills.

Couples and Family Counseling

One focus of our practice is to strengthen marriages and families. Relationships play a central role in all of our lives, but they obviously take a lot of work.

The issues that face each family are complex, unique, and are not easily improved by utilizing some pre-packaged formula. We encourage individuals and families to take an honest look at themselves as the launching point for change.

Psychiatric Medicine

We are committed to providing expert psychiatric medicine services to our clients. Our prescribers and clinicians work together closely to provide coordinated and comprehensive mental health services.

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