Child Counseling in Massachusetts

Child Counseling in Massachusetts
Resolving Emotional Issues and Coping With Major Life Changes One Child at a Time

Perhaps your child is having a hard time adjusting to divorce, or maybe they are experiencing social anxiety. Whatever the case, get them the help they need. They may not ask for it directly themselves, but they need it. Finding quality counseling for your child is probably a major concern for you as a parent. You want someone who is both compassionate and kind, yet skilled and trained. We have all of that here at Family Counseling Associates.

The counselors at Family Counseling Associates will provide your child with the space, confidentiality and opportunity to speak their minds. Our child counseling in Massachusetts addresses mental and behavioral health services offered by therapists/counselors, psychiatrists, social workers, and psychologists/neuro-psychologists.


There are some requirements when it comes to child counseling in Massachusetts.

  • Children 6-17 years old.
  • Initial phone call to determine fit between our professional competence areas and your child’s needs.
  • Initial diagnostic evaluation of one hour.
  • Parent willing to assist with out-of-session homework assignments.

Feel free to book an appointment with one of our licensed professionals today for child counseling in Massachusetts you can trust.

Individual Therapy for Children and Parents

We have counselors on staff who specialize solely in child issues, which often stem from behavioral, social, gender identity, body image, and learning issues. Your child could benefit from individual therapy. Evidence-based psychotherapy shows improvement in children’s feelings of self-efficacy and the ability to strengthen social relationships. It can also help them function more effectively. Our child counseling in Massachusetts mostly relies on cognitive-behavioral techniques when working with kids of all ages, often times combined with an integrative approach.

Family Counseling Associates

Hours: Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  
Contact: Phone 978-222-3121 | Fax 978-296-3460

Child-focused individual therapy may include:

  • Emotional regulation training
  • Individual social skills training
  • Therapies that help children cope with anxiety, anger and depression
  • Adjusting to life changes, i.e., parental divorce or separation
  • Strategies to reduce impulsivity, inattention and hyperactivity
  • Self-management or coping strategies for more independence

Parent / Guardian consultations may include:

  • Individually-tailored parenting strategies
  • Techniques to help foster social skill development in your children
  • Management of particular behaviors as kids try to cope with divorce, blended families, etc.
  • Development of positive relationships and family culture with difficult children
  • Family problem-solving, such as handling homework problems, managing conflict, and creating reward programs

For more information about our child counseling in Massachusetts, call Family Counseling Associates now at 978-222-3121.


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