Technology Requirements Distance Counselling

What Factors Impact Video and Voice Quality in Distance Counseling?

With a little bit of preparation you will be ready to have a fantastic distance counseling experience. Here are a few factors that impact sound and video quality:

1. For Audio– A headset is essential to improving sound quality when communicating via your computer over the internet. Click here for recommendations on high-quality and affordable headsets for your computer. You will have the option of calling in on your phone, which provides one of the best sound quality experiences. If you do use your land-line or cell phone it is recommended that you use a headset for comfort.

2. For Video– We recommend that you use an external HD web camera during distance counseling sessions.  Click here for our recommendations.

3. Internet Connection– If possible avoid mobile devices and mobile hotspots when engaged in distance counseling.

4. Environment– Be in a quiet and well lit room.

5. Preparation– Log in and set up your equipment ahead of time. Don’t waste your time and money turning on your computer and setting up your equipment during your session. Often times when we are hurried and rushed, our computers become “mysteriously” uncooperative which increases everyone’s frustration.

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