Smartphone Addiction Impacts 1 In 8 People

There is no denying the influence smartphones have on the modern world. By 2020, researchers estimate that smartphones will make up 2/3 of the mobile market, and 90% of the world’s population over the age of 6 will have a mobile phone. With this growing dependency on smartphone technology, it is only logical that people will develop an addiction to that wonder-filled touch screen in their purse or pocket.

But just how powerful is smartphone addiction in today’s society, and what role will it play in our mental state in the future? According to a new report from the University of Derby, one in eight people have smartphone addiction, and our increased reliance on smartphones only increases the chances of addiction in the years to come.

Smartphone Addiction: A Growing Problem Worldwide

Dr. Zaheer Hussain from the University of Derby headed the smartphone addiction study, where he and his team collected data from 256 participants in an online survey. The researchers determined that moodiness, loneliness, jealousy, and obsession with appearance were all indicators of smartphone addiction. They found that the more a person uses a smartphone, the more he is likely to develop an addiction.

An estimated 13% of participants showed signs of smartphone addictions. Those who had narcissistic personality types were more likely to be addicted than those who were not as concerned with physical appearances.

The study showed that the average person spends about 3.6 hours on his smartphone a day. 35% of participants admitted to using their phones in banned areas. Social networking was the most popular cause of smartphone use, followed by instant messaging and news apps.

Signs Of Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone addiction is a new development, but it has signs similar to drug addiction, game addiction, or internet addiction. Symptoms of smartphone addiction may include:

  • Checking Your Phone Constantly, Sometimes Several Times Within The Same Minute
  • Feelings Of Anxiety When Separated From Your Smartphone
  • Increased Irritability When Someone Touches Or Uses Your Smartphone
  • Using Your Phone While Driving Or While At Work, Even If You Are Not Supposed To
  • Feelings Of Withdrawal When You Lose Or Forget Your Phone
  • Instant Compulsion To Check Your Phone After An Alarm Buzzes

If you feel like you have unhealthy relationship with your smartphone, you may speak with a professional counselor at Family Counseling Associates to conquer your addiction. 

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