Sarah Hall, PhD

Psychologist – Bedford, NH

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, and have a range of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults.  I offer individual and family therapy, as well as play-based therapy for younger children.  I have worked with clients facing a range of concerns including depression, anxiety/worry, difficulties with emotional regulation and expression, social and relationship problems, and difficulty adjusting to life changes.  My treatment approach is pragmatic with roots in client-centered Humanistic and Cognitive-Behavioral perspectives. 

I work with young children and their families to increase coping strategies, manage challenging behaviors, express and regulate emotions, and improve interpersonal relationships.  I also have experience conducting neuropsychological evaluations for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, and developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders, as well as psychological evaluations for anxiety, depression and other psychological, behavioral, and personality concerns.

Education and Experience
I obtained my B.S. in Clinical Psychology from Tufts University in Medford, MA.  After my undergraduate years, I spent time working in research and outreach work in the greater Boston area. I returned to school and attended the graduate program at George Mason University where I earned her M.A. in Psychology and then a Ph.D. in Psychology in 2011.  My clinical training was focused in cognitive behavioral therapy on community psychology, as well as psychological assessment. During my external clinical training I sought positions that allowed me to work with young children and worked in daycare, school, as well as medical clinic setting providing consultation, play base therapy and assessment.  I also received training in neuropsychological assessment wit adults and children, through two part time employment positions, and during my clinical externship work.  During my year-long internship I focused on work with young children and families as well as assessment and therapeutic support for children with Autism Spectrum Diagnoses.

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