Rafael Alberto Duenas, Psy.D.

Rafael Alberto Duenas, Psy.D.

Psychologist – Andover, MA

I am a mental health provider with over 25 years of experience treating individuals and families with a variety of disorders including substance abuse, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, trauma and interpersonal conflicts. In a therapeutic environment marked by respect for their beliefs and past experiences I believe that most individuals can discover ways to address their symptoms.

I focus on three main areas of every person’s life: physical, mental and spiritual to improve their functioning and manage personal and interpersonal conflicts. My background includes families and children who failed to attend school and have behavioral difficulties. I have also worked with couples dealing with interpersonal differences that create emotional distancing and challenges in raising children and being mutually supportive. Additionally I have also worked with military individuals suffering from substance abuse, anger management deficits and traumatic events. In each case, I focus on the strengths of each individual to develop areas of mutual support while accepting the uniqueness of each person.

Education and Experience
I earned a Master’s and Doctoral degree in Psychology at Carlos Albizu University in Florida. I hold Diplomate status in Psychology, certified by the American Board of Clinical Psychology beginning on January 6, 2005. I earned a Master’s degree of Social Work with Florida International University and have been licensed as a Clinical Social Worker beginning in 2003. I maintain licenses as a Psychologist in both Florida and Massachusetts. I have conducted therapy with military personnel, sexual abuse survivors, incarcerated individuals in both outpatient and inpatient settings.

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