Finding Your Child’s Currency

Having trouble disciplining your child? Does it feel like you just can’t get through to him? Every child and every parent is unique. Thus you must find solutions that work for your family dynamic. In this guide, we will explain how to find your child’s currency and how to use it in your parenting strategies.

What Is a Child’s Currency?

“Currency” typically referred to money – something exchanged to pay for goods or services. In this case, currency refers to something your child holds at a great value. This may be a tangible object, such as a toy or book, or it may not be a thing at all. For instance, some children value time they spend playing outside or watching a certain TV show. Whatever your child finds value in, that is his currency.

How to Find Your Child’s Currency

Some children have a more obvious currency than others. If your child is constantly asking to play video games, that’s probably his currency. If your child does not show profound interest in any specific object or event, think about what he or she reacts to the most. Does your child get upset when friends cannot come over to play? Does your child get annoyed when he can’t use the computer? Assess your child’s overall behavior to determine what his currency might be.

Using Your Child’s Currency as a Parenting Tool

Once you know your child’s currency, you can use it as a reward or a punishment, depending on the circumstances. For example, let’s say your child’s currency is playing video games. You could offer to get him a new game at the end of the school semester if your child maintains good grades. In the same light, you could take the game console away if your child misbehaves.

By understanding your child’s currency, you don’t have to worry about trial and error. You know what he responds to, so you can use it to your advantage.

Your Child’s Currency May Change over Time

As your child’s interests change, so will his currency. Thus you will need to adjust your parenting strategies to suit the currency changes. You may also need to adjust how you involve the currency in your parenting tactics. Instead of taking away a game console, you may need to limit your child’s internet access. Some games can be played through multiple devices, so removing one does not prohibit your child from playing.

No matter what you are struggling with as a family, your family counselor can help. In family counseling, you can improve communication in the household and resolve conflicts that continue to arise. You can also identify your child’s currency and learn personalized parenting techniques fit for your life. Contact Family Counseling Associates at 978-222-3121 to schedule an appointment with a family counselor near you.

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