Anxiety Counseling in Boxford MA

Anxiety Counseling in Boxford MA
Skilled, Compassionate Anxiety Counseling in Boxford MA

If you think you have an anxiety disorder, or aren’t quite sure what’s wrong, reach out and make an appointment with Family Counseling Associates. Our licensed psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, social workers, and clinical psychiatrists provide therapy and anxiety counseling in Boxford MA for both adults and children.

Anxiety is a common mental health disorder, so you’re never alone. In fact, it affects more than 40 million people and is highly treatable yet only 35 percent of people seek out treatment. Anxiety is a normal human reaction to stress but when left untreated, it can quickly spiral out of control and rob you of a high quality of life.

Family Counseling Associates of Andover welcomes patients from all over Boxford, as well as surrounding towns such as Lawrence and Methuen.

Anxiety Counseling in Boxford MA: What We Treat

Trust us for a non-judgmental, welcoming, and warm environment for therapy. Our counselors can help adults with depressive symptoms and anxiety. Family Counseling Associates, based in Andover MA, offers a spectrum of mental health services, including anxiety counseling in Boxford MA, addressing:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Social Phobia (Social Anxiety Disorder)
  • Panic Disorder

We believe a respectful, supportive and strong relationship is an integral part of effective therapy. Treatment may focus on the development of skills necessary to interact more effectively within your social environment. It can also incorporate support as you learn to understand and manage your feelings of depression or anxiety. Children and teens also suffer from anxiety, often stemming from a variety of issues, such as parental conflict, divorce, difficult transitions and life changes. These can all act as triggers that manifest themselves in anxiety.

Our Services

Rest easy knowing we have many anxiety counselors on staff who can help you. We will first: identify the source of your anxiety and second: provide a solution to treat it. Our treatment approach to anxiety counseling in Boxford MA uses therapy in conjunction with medication management. We believe this ensures the most effective solution that can treat your specific anxiety disorder.

Our anxiety counselors in Boxford MA offer the following:

  • Child, Teen, Adult and Senior Counseling
  • Anxiety Counseling
  • Attention Issues (ADHD and Stress Management)
  • Family, Couples, Relationship and Marriage Therapy
  • Anger Management Therapy
  • Mood Disorder Treatment
  • Psychological Testing and Medication Management
  • Trauma, Grief and Life Transitions Counseling
  • Eating Disorder Treatment for Bulimia, Anorexia and Binge Eating Depression Counseling

If you need anxiety counseling in Boxford MA, please reach out today. Call Family Counseling Associates of Andover now at 978-222-3121.

Family Counseling Associates of Andover

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Welcome Medical Psychology Center Patients!
We are excited to announce that Medical Psychology Center of Beverly, MA has officially merged with Family Counseling Associates effective 4/19/2024. We look forward to continuing to provide mental health care to Medical Psychology Center's existing patients and the Beverly community!