5 Reasons to See a Child Psychologist

Should my child see a child psychologist? That very question may have led you to this page. Child psychologists can help children and families overcome a variety of obstacles in their lives. Let’s take a look at some common reasons to see a child psychologist. This will help you determine the best path for your child.

Big Life Transitions (Moving, Changing Schools, etc.)

Children may not handle life transitions as well as adults. Going to a new school or moving to a new neighborhood can be a scary experience for a child. If your child is having issues with a transition or you expect issues in an upcoming transition, it may be wise to see a child psychologist. The therapist will help your child better understand the circumstances, and you can learn how to help your child cope along the way.

Traumatic Events

A traumatic event for a child may not be the same as a traumatic event for an adult. For instance, a child may feel like moving is a traumatic event because he is losing the only home he’s ever known. Children may also experience trauma from their parents divorcing, from the loss of a loved one, from an accident, from an older sibling moving away, or many other circumstances. Child psychologists help children cope with their feelings after trauma and understand the emotions they’re going through.

Difficulties in School

Is your child struggling in school? There may be an underlying issue you’re not aware of. Learning disabilities, anxiety, attention deficit disorders, childhood depression…these are just some of the factors that impede a child’s learning abilities. A child psychologist can help you find the root cause of these difficulties and teach you ways to overcome/manage them as a family.

Self-Harm or Suicidal Ideations

Self-harm and thoughts of suicide have become increasingly common among today’s youth. Low self-esteem, peer pressure, and unrealistic comparisons can eat away at a child’s mental health. With a child psychologist, your child can learn how to deal with emotions, thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.

Struggles with Communication

If you feel like you’re just not getting through to your child, a therapist could help. Therapy provides an ideal platform to improve communication. You can learn how to talk to your child in a way that he or she responds to. Your child can also learn how to express feelings in an effective way. Enhance communication throughout the family, and build strong bonds in return.

There Are No Downsides to Seeing a Child Psychologist

At the end of the day, seeing a child psychologist will not hurt your child in any way. Your child will have a chance to talk about his emotions and experiences, and you’ll gain valuable insight into your child’s frame of mind. Our child counseling services are compatible with insurance, so the cost of care is quite minimal. If you are interested in seeing a child psychologist, contact Family Counseling Associates at (978) 222-3121. We will match you with the best child therapist for your family’s specific needs.

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